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Fresh mint viewed from above

Ingredients that help make a difference

We're dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients with care and responsibility. We exclusively use USDA organic components and prioritize local suppliers whenever feasible, supporting our community and minimizing our environmental impact. We collaborate with local partners such as Sea to Sky Farm and Monte Verde Orchard in Santa Cruz, CA ensuring a "farm to freezer" approach, capturing the peak of flavor and nutrition.


Organic Mushroom Extracts from Fruiting Bodies

We're proud to partner with Nammex and Far West Fungi the leading suppliers of mushroom products for over 40 years. Both companies specialize in providing cultivated and wild mushroom extracts that undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency, and unmatched quality. Their dedication to sustainable sourcing and extraction methods ensures that every extract used in our handcrafted popsicles is not only beneficial for health but also environmentally responsible.

Bright orange cordyceps mushrooms
Man and woman standing underneath cocoa trees with cocoa pods hanging

direct trade Organic cocoa Powder from The Dominican Republic

We proudly source our cocoa powder from Equal Exchange, a pioneering worker co-op committed to fair and ethical trade practices. Operating with a transparent, democratic model that ensures a 5:1 pay ratio and equitable profit sharing, Equal Exchange stands firm against broader economic trends of inequality. Their cacao is grown by co-ops in the Dominican Republic. By organizing, farmers gain crucial market access and make collective decisions on how to invest in their communities. By using it in our Chaga-olate popiscle, you'll enjoy the highest quality cocoa while supporting the empowerment and economic well-being of small farmers and their communities.

direct trade Organic Matcha from Japan

We're thrilled to partner with Rishi Tea & Botanicals, a leader in the tea industry. By using their exceptional matcha, we support a network of small family farms who are rewarded fairly for their high-quality products and innovative practices. Rishi is deeply committed to sustaining organic agriculture in heritage tea regions. This partnership ensures that when you enjoy our Tremella LeMatcha popsicle, you're not only enjoying the freshest green tea flavors but also appreciating the tea’s origin, harvest, and the farmers who made it all possible.

Close up of green tea leaves with rain drops
Overhead view of coffee beans

direct trade coffee from columbia

We are delighted to partner with Verve Coffee Roasters, a distinguished purveyor of specialty coffee known for its commitment to quality and responsible sourcing. By using Verve coffee for our Chagaccino popsicle, you'll not only experience the exceptional taste of robust coffee flavor but also support a company deeply invested in fostering meaningful connections with coffee farmers and promoting responsible coffee cultivation practices. 

Organic wildflower honey from brazil

We're proud to partner with Bee Seasonal, known for their premium organic honey sourced responsibly from Brazil. The honey used in all of our organic popsicles originates from the biodiverse Atlantic Forest, ranging from the Araucaria Pine Trees in high altitudes to palm trees and mangroves in lower regions near the Iguaçu River. Bee Seaonal's dedication to organic beekeeping includes placing apiaries in GMO-free, pesticide-free areas and leaving enough honey and pollen for the bees. They also prohibit harmful practices like hive destruction and chemical use, ensuring their honey reflects their commitment to bee and environmental health.

Close up view of honey and honey combs
Young green coconuts piled on top of each other

No Monkey Labor for Organic Coconut Milk, Water and Oil

We take pride in ensuring that all our coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut milk are sourced from suppliers committed to ethical practices, including the prohibition of monkey labor. By choosing our popsicles, you can trust that you're not only enjoying high-quality coconut-based products but also supporting ethical and responsible sourcing practices that prioritize the well-being of both humans and animals.


We believe every detail matters. By opting for minimalist, monochromatic labels, we have significantly reduced our ink consumption. By skipping full-color printing, we cut down on ink use, save resources, and reduce waste. We're a little biased but this bold choice also highlights the natural beauty of our frosty pops.

Black and white labels for popsicles
Mole popping out of soil with word bubble "Sank You"

Mole-approved home compostable packaging

Our frosty pops are lovingly wrapped in 100% home compostable, Non-GMO, vegan bags, free from nasty chemicals like BPA and phthalates. They're made in the USA from FSC certified wood-cellulose bioplastic that will decompose in just 10 weeks! Plus, our labels are also 100% home compostable, crafted from FSC certified paper in the USA, and break down in about 4 to 8 months.



Our commitment to responsible business practices shines bright. Our shared commercial kitchen is powered by solar panels, which help offset up to 50% of our electricity needs. By harnessing the sun’s energy, we can help reduce our carbon footprint and create our delicious popsicles in a more environmentally friendly way.

Close up of solar panel rows
Stacked cardbord boxes

Second Life for Boxes: Reducing Waste

Environmental responsibility isn't just a goal—it's our guiding principle. That's why we've partnered with FlossAid in San Jose, CA to source our wholesale boxes. We've rescued them from the recycling bin, repurposing like-new boxes that would have otherwise been discarded. By giving these boxes a second life, we're actively reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

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