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We're a team of two living and working in Santa Cruz County - myself, Paul, and my wife, Katie. I've long been fascinated by mushrooms, and the more I learn, the more enamored I become. Like many, 2020 threw at us job and personal health curveballs, along with the kick in the pants to follow our true passions. This delicious endeavor brings to life our mission to improve our health along with our local community.

exploring up-cycled


We're experimenting with how we can grow food from waste. Stay tuned for updates on our journey to incorporate local industry's by-products, like spent coffee grounds and sawdust! We're hoping to divert usable materials from the landfill and give them a second life. 



To help minimize our environmental impact, we are not growing with single-use plastic bags when possible. We are committed to selling our products without single-use plastic bags or plastic clamshell packaging. This conscious decision will add to lengthier processes and sourcing adjustments, but we're committed to building a business that chooses long-term well-being over short-term profits. A healthy community extends beyond our bodies.

grown & packed
with love

We want to share the most delicious, sustainable, and healthy food for our community. We're dedicated to growing the highest quality mushrooms in the healthiest way possible. Our mushrooms are organic and non-GMO. If you're not in Santa Cruz County, buy our mushrooms through Locale here

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